The Secrets Series

Finding Obscurity Ebook.jpg

Lily Canton always knew she was unique.

Her erratic supernatural powers started as a teen and she was helpless to stop them. Between her unpredictable powers, her crazy best friend, and meeting Blake and Ashton within a matter of days, she finds out there was more her friends were keeping from her.

Just when Lily thinks she had everything figured out, she discovered there’s a colossal secret surrounding her uncontrollable powers and family.

After all, she wasn’t supposed to be alive.

And to make matters worse, someone’s determined to keep it that way.

Finding Clarity Ebook.jpg

Lily Canton survived her brush with death from a lunatic determined to destroy her.

Just when she thought she was safe, she finds out her life is far from secure. Conrad Steele is back and he’s got a score to settle. With the help of new friends, and the two men who are both trying to win her heart, she attempts to stop Con for good.

Lily will face her biggest challenge yet.

Not only will it test her strength and friendship, but it could break her heart.

Finding Lily.jpg

Lily Canton left everything behind the day she lost someone she loved.

She joined a group of renegades to keep her mind off her broken heart and shattered life. With the help of Paige, she might finally figure out her powers. Yet, Lily doesn’t know the full details of the secrets withheld from her the day she left.  Ashton believes his deception caused Lily’s departure, and Blake’s using it to his advantage. If he can find her first and keep his big secret hidden, that is.

She’s on the run from her past, but it’s about to catch up to her.

 Lily will finally have to choose between the two men who love her, or give them both up for good.

Neither choice will be easy.

To Ashes.jpg

Paige Smith has powers that are both a blessing and a curse.

Haunted by her past, she tries to overcome her fears and conquer her abilities as she searches for a missing friend. What she didn’t want was a distraction, but Alistair Ryder drives her insane with his good looks and icy emotions. They are complete opposites in every way except one, their stubborn and hardheaded mentality.

While they try to find their friend before it’s too late, they both discover exactly how they feel about each other. But someone, or something, is keeping them apart.

And if attempts on their lives weren’t bad enough, Paige discovers a secret about her past she never saw coming.

Conjurer King 2 Final Ebook.jpg

Blake Moore gave up everything to go back home.

He's powerful in his own right, but he has to fight his conniving family for his position as king.

Not only is he overwhelmed with trying to keep his crown, but also a captive friend from his past is fighting for her sanity. Blake is supposed to keep her safe, but he never thought he’d develop feelings for her. A relationship between a vampire and a conjurer, especially one of royal blood, is forbidden.

Even though he battles his feelings for the woman due to his position as ruler, he realizes that some things may just be worth fighting for.

Along with friends and allies, Blake attempts to keep everyone safe while he fights for his crown and for the woman he loves.

If they all make it out alive, that is.